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Terminology management

Effective terminology management is vital to keeping the quality of translations high – and the costs of correcting and editing content low. Consistent terminology not only helps you produce better texts and translations. On a larger scale it is also a basis for delivering excellent products and services.

See how you can set up, centralize, control, integrate and use your domain-specific terminology and benefit from terminology management.

Lingvo.Pro — high end
terminology solution

  • — Attention to context and examples of term usage from your TM
  • — An agile cloud solution that’s up and running in minutes
  • — Improved consistency and quality of content
  • — Savings on content creation and translation
  • — Morphological search and filtering
  • — And many other features!

Pay-As-You-Go and
Save From The Start!

With Lingvo.Pro there’s virtually no upfront investment in installation, infrastructure or training. Instead, a cloud-driven, subscription-based model gets you up and running right away – and without having to pay extra for upgrades or support down the road.

Tailors to Your Team and

Lingvo.Pro is designed from the ground up for customization – and fits perfectly to your content creation and management processes, however complicated they are. With free access for unlimited number of terminology users and features like adaptive access management you'll benefit from the first day you use Lingvo.Pro!

Seamless Integration
Delivers Even More not only enables better term management: integrating it with your existing translation or content creation tools also brings the benefits of using the most up to date terminology in the necessary ways within your infrastructure.

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